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Terms of Service

You must be 18 years of age or older to commission me, even if commissioning SFW art.

Kindly note that I am not open unless I've posted an announcement to FA, Twitter, and Telegram. Follow any or all of these to catch commission slots - please don't email me. There will be a form posted at this time, which you can fill out to order a commission.



I am comfy drawing almost any kink as long as everything involved is within the realm of fantasy. However, there are themes I enjoy more than others.


I love drawing:

- Teratophilia / monsters / aliens

- Gods / demons

- Nightmarish genitalia

- Body horror

- Infestation / parasitism

- Violent TF

- Insects / arthropods

- Plants / fungi

- Feral

- Androgyny / alternative sexes

- Bondage

- Noncon / rough sex

- Gore / torture / death

- CBT / castration

- Scat / filth torture

- Hard vore / cooking

- Micro torture

- Brainplay / mind control

- Forcefeeding / inflation

- Slob / excessively fat creatures

- Laboratory / medical themes

- Milking / harvesting

- Hyper dicks

- Alien worlds

- Your original species

- Anything weird, dark, gross, horrific, otherworldly

I don't (usually) like drawing:

- Vanilla

- Foot fetish

- Incest

- Humans / humanoids / primates

- Excessive muscle

- Hyper breasts

- Diapers / infantilism

- Fighting / wrestling

- Robots

- Firearms

- Vehicles

- Most R34

- Most mundane settings


I don't draw:

- Underage / cub

- Sexism / racism and similar themes

- Hate art / hate groups

- RL individuals, including celebrities

- Anything overly political / involving furry drama

- Anything that feels too "real"

I will not judge you for your kinks. If you're not sure, feel free to ask.


I require full payment up front unless otherwise noted. I may consider payment plans for large amounts. I accept PayPal, credit and debit cards. You do not need a PayPal account to pay your invoice. I am not interested in mailed cash, gift cards, trades, trinkets, or photos of your junk. Tips are not expected, but are very appreciated. You will be given the option to tip when you pay your invoice.


I work strictly through e-mail; I will not discuss a commission via Telegram, Discord, or DMs.


If you contact me for a quote, this quote can be considered valid for up to 3 months. This is because I frequently change pricing, options, and technique, and can't always honor outdated estimates. Providing a quote is not necessarily an acceptance of your commission.


For auctions, payment is due within 48 hours of the end of the auction unless otherwise noted or discussed. Please do not hide your bids in auctions; this makes it hard for the auction to run properly, as others may not notice the retracted bid, and previous bidders may no longer be interested. Life happens, but I will block you after repeated offenses. Please don't bid unless you're able to pay.


Any adoptable is yours to do with as you please, as long as you don't edit the art or claim it as your own design. You may trade or sell without price restrictions. Any commission involving an adoptable of mine will receive 15% off the total price.


For group YCHs, it is especially appreciated that you get back to me in a reasonable amount of time if you want revisions made, and to keep revisions minimal. If I don't hear from you in a couple days, I will continue with the piece as to not keep everyone waiting.


I don't require a full ref sheet to work from. I can use most images or even a description, but please be sure what you provide reflects your preferences. Please inform me of any details you'd like omitted or shown - before I begin on the piece, please.

Turn-Around Time

Most pieces are completed within 1-4 weeks, and you will usually receive an update within a few days of payment. However, I am very human, and occasionally work slower (or faster) than anticipated, and sometimes prioritize in ways that will keep my workflow going. I may still be working on it even as I take on new work, particularly if it is complex or experimental. While I am not one to neglect my work or forget clients, I encourage you to check in as you desire. I will respond ASAP.


Unless otherwise noted, I will send one or more work-in-progress updates throughout the course of a commission. As I strive to keep my queue moving, it is very appreciated that you respond within a couple days so that I can continue.


Artwork is not to be posted or implemented until paid for in full. Once it is paid for, you do not need my permission to post. You may also share WiP sketches if the piece has been paid for. When posting, please credit me as the artist.

Other Usage

You are free to use your finished art in whatever non-commercial endeavors you like. Please provide credit when appropriate.


You have the option of requesting your commission be posted publicly, be posted anonymously, be attributed to an alt account, or remain unposted. There is no extra charge for any option, and this doesn't affect your chances of being selected. That all said, please let me know up front - don't wait until I post and then email me in a panic.


I am willing to make reasonable revisions, so don't hesitate to ask if something looks off. I only charge for revisions if they're significant or exceedingly numerous. That said, if we are unable to get what you're looking for after a few tries, I may offer a refund and cancellation in the interest of sanity.


I strive to be patient and polite, and would appreciate the same from my clients. I do not demand perfect manners, but I will not hesitate to terminate a project if you are rude, bigoted, stalkerish, or otherwise intolerable.


There are a lot of opinions about what words should and should not be used to refer to certain genital arrangements. It's a complex problem, and I do not know the answer. I avoid generally offensive terms, and for the time being have opted to use 'altersex' for any arrangement that does not occur naturally within the human species.

Surprise Gifts

Oftentimes I will be asked to illustrate something of an adult nature for a friend or partner of the client, and will be asked to keep it a surprise until completion. If the recipient is not following your account, has no indication of any interest in the depicted subject matter, has a note in their profile requesting that their characters not be drawn without asking, etc., I will request that they contact me first to give explicit consent. This is not personal, nor is it necessarily an indication of distrust in you. This is solely for peace of mind and an effort to ensure consent.

Inspiration vs. Copying

Sometimes I will be asked to draw an idea or design a character that is similar in some ways to someone else's personal character. I have no interest in copying concepts or personal character designs, and will simply do my best to capture a desired attribute or feel, with the goal of creating something you enjoy, but that is distinct from the source of inspiration.

Large / Group Projects

I frankly don't have a lot of interest in long-term projects anymore, and don't have a desire to work on anyone's game, image pack, or other collaborative endeavors. Commercial projects in general are probably a no-go.

Client-Neglected Commissions

Occasionally I will be asked to wait before proceeding with a paid commission, and then the client disappears for months or years before returning. Please understand that I'm not able to drop everything I'm doing to continue work on a project that's a decade old. In many cases, I may not be interested in continuing if it looks too outdated, or if the prices you commissioned me for are no longer something I can realistically honor. I can arrange a refund as appropriate, but that's all I can offer after a certain point. Please get back to me within a reasonable amount of time.


Refunds are given completely on a case-by-case basis. In most sincere cases, I will be willing to refund you as requested. Rights surrounding any artwork made prior to the refund will be discussed. The more finished a piece is, the less likely I am to consider a refund, so please speak up sooner than later.


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